Sermon Manuscript: Who is Jesus? John 1:1-18


On Sunday we began a six week series through John’s “Book of Signs.” Our goal in the series is to examine the vignettes John offers in the first half of his gospel account to gain a full picture of who Jesus is and what he means to us. Our first sermon was from John 1:1-18, and the sermon manuscript can be found below:

John 1:1-18


Sermon Manuscript: Luke 2.1-7


This past Sunday we look at Luke 2:1-7. Luke shows us that the birth of Christ is a historical event. He links the birth of our Lord to historical facts. Christ’s birth was also a prophetic event. Luke highlights Bethlehem as the city of David pointing us back to Micah 5 and 2 Samuel 7. Finally, Luke shows us that the birth of Christ is an offer of peace. Christ humbled himself to redeem us.

Here’s the manuscript for the sermon: Luke 2:1-7

Sermon Manuscript: Love Lake Wylie – Week One

Love Lake Wylie

Yesterday we kicked off a three week series on church membership and ministry we’re calling “Love Lake Wylie.” We’re taking seriously— the teaching of the Bible— that we cannot become who God has called us to be without the church. We’re countering the individualism of our culture and declaring something bold: we need one another. We need our church. We don’t just need to be served by the church. In order for us to become who we were made to be – we must be serving others. Here’s a link to the entire sermon manuscript. This Sunday we observed community so the manuscript is a bit different than normal.

Love Lake Wylie – Week One – Romans 12:3-8

Sermon Manuscript: What is Creation?


This past Sunday was week 2 of a 9 week series on Christian doctrine at Lake Wylie Baptist Church.

What is Creation? That was our topic for the week. We saw that creation is good, but it’s not God. This means we enjoy the world we’re living in, but we never treat it as ultimate in our lives. We also so that this world is corrupted by sin and, because of Christ’s work at the cross, creation will one day be remade. Below is a link to the full manuscript:

Genesis 1 et al. (What is Creation)

Other sermons in this series include:

What is the Bible? 2 Timothy 3.10-17

Sermon Manuscript: 1 Peter 3:8-4:19

photo-1457369804613-52c61a468e7dYesterday was part 6 in a 7 week series through the letter of 1 Peter at Lake Wylie Baptist Church. Below you’ll find a link to the full sermon manuscript I preached from. Always remember that these manuscripts are not written in formal English. They are written to be spoken, preached.

I provide these manuscripts so that church members can fully engage in the life of the sermon, as it’s happening, without fear of missing notes. I pray you’ll benefit from having this resource.

1 Peter 3-4 Suffering