30 Day New Testament Reading Plan

I’m inviting you to join me for a 30 Day New Testament Reading Plan. Beginning Thursday, November 1st I’ll be reading the passages in this plan as a way to quickly work my way through the New Testament. It’s an intense reading schedule(around 8 chapters a day), but I’ve found much spiritual benefit from it.Continue reading “30 Day New Testament Reading Plan”

Bible Study Basic: Genre in Scripture

“The nature of the material under investigation determines the rules by which you interpret it.” It’s been 10 years since I sat in his class but I can still hear Dr. McKenzie hammering that sentence down, down, down into our skulls. In today’s Bible Study Basic post I’ll be explaining the concept of genre (inContinue reading “Bible Study Basic: Genre in Scripture”

Recommended Resource: Eat This Book by Eugene Peterson

Yesterday I finished reading Eat This Book by Eugene Peterson (the same pastor who gave us The Message). Just as Tim Keller’s book will be my go-to resource for Christians who want to learn to pray, I highly recommend this book for those wanting to learn to read the Bible for spiritual nourishment. The title comesContinue reading “Recommended Resource: Eat This Book by Eugene Peterson”

Sensing the Scriptures

I’ve had an ongoing conversation with a handful of church members about meditation on the Scriptures. We’ve been talking about how we practice meditation, what it is, and how we can increase in the blessing it brings to us. We all agree, as do many Christians throughout history, that meditation moves from merely reasoning theContinue reading “Sensing the Scriptures”

Bible Study Basic: Read the Parts and the Whole

It’s week two of Bible Study Basic. Last week I told you The Bible is About Jesus. This week I’m giving you a method of reading the Bible. If you’re going to be a good Bible student you have to learn to read the parts and the whole. What do I mean by that? Well,Continue reading “Bible Study Basic: Read the Parts and the Whole”

Bible Study Basic: The Bible is About Jesus

So, you want to study the Bible? Bible Study Basic will be an ongoing series of posts written to introduce you to the most basic concepts and methods for proper Bible reading and interpretation. How you approach the Bible changes what happens when you read and study the Bible. Do you approach the Bible asContinue reading “Bible Study Basic: The Bible is About Jesus”

How to Meditate: Luther’s Garland Prayer

  5 centuries ago Martin Luther’s barber asked him how to pray. Luther responded with a 40 page letter entitled A Simple Way to Pray that has been read and practiced by Christians ever since. Last night I shared one of Luther’s methods for meditating on God’s word with our church. It’s called garland prayer. As aContinue reading “How to Meditate: Luther’s Garland Prayer”

What are Spiritual Disciplines?

Growing up as a left handed person can be a real challenge. At times it feels as if everything in the world is made for right handed people. Have you righties noticed that your desks in school had an extended support for your forearm when you write? Lefties don’t have that. Have you ever realizedContinue reading “What are Spiritual Disciplines?”

20 Questions to Gauge Your Bible Reading

It’s the middle of January. How’s your Bible reading going? How can you know how it’s going. These certainly aren’t the only questions you’d want to ask to gauge your Bible reading. There’s a host interpretive questions I’ll post later. For now, ask some penetrating questions about your Bible reading, and share some thoughts inContinue reading “20 Questions to Gauge Your Bible Reading”