Is the God of Joshua a Monster? (Sermon Notes)

Yesterday we engaged a tough topic in our Sunday morning worship at Christ Community. Specifically, I addressed the conquest of Canaan commanded in Deuteronomy 20 and recorded in the book of Joshua. With bestselling books written by popular atheists decrying the God of the Old Testament it’s an issue the church can’t avoid. Here’s allContinue reading “Is the God of Joshua a Monster? (Sermon Notes)”

Studying Joshua: Recommended Resources

Yesterday our church began an 8 week study through the Old Testament book of Joshua. If you’re interested in studying Joshua for yourself here are a few resources I’d recommend: Bible Dictionary: The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary is my go-to Bible dictionary (I have 4-5). When studying an ancient book like Joshua having a handyContinue reading “Studying Joshua: Recommended Resources”

How Should I Read Joshua?

Some books of the Bible are easy to read, understand, and apply. Philippians comes to mind here. Others, like Revelation, present a challenge. To me, Joshua can be tricky, and since our church is heading into an 8 week series through the book I wanted to help you read Joshua better for yourself.Here’s a linkContinue reading “How Should I Read Joshua?”