Hope for a Worried Heart: Philippians 4

Before reading on grab your Bible and read Philippians 4. How do we rejoice when our hearts are full of worry? The Philippian Christians knew what it was to worry. They were believers in an increasingly hostile land. Their mentor Paul, the apostle who brought them the gospel, was in jail, and he might neverContinue reading “Hope for a Worried Heart: Philippians 4”

Hope for a Painful Past: Philippians 3:12-21

Last week’s lesson was probably some of the toughest material in all of Philippians. Paul’s harsh words for the false teachers forces us to answer some harsh questions. What are we worshiping? Where do we put our confidence? What makes us think we are better than other people? Is it our looks? Our ability toContinue reading “Hope for a Painful Past: Philippians 3:12-21”

Hope for a Divided Christianity: Philippians 3

Paul in Philippians 2 calls the church of Jesus to unify around the message and mission of the incarnate and crucified God. But what about Christians and churches who preach a different message or who are on a different mission? How should we relate to them? Paul in Philippians 3 tells us how we areContinue reading “Hope for a Divided Christianity: Philippians 3”

Hope for a Troubled World: Philippians 2

The people of Philippi understood strife. They knew what it meant to live in a troubled world. The city was birthed four hundred years before Paul’s letter arrived there as a military garrison of Philip II, the renown conqueror and father of Alexander the Great. Three hundred years later the city was the site ofContinue reading “Hope for a Troubled World: Philippians 2”

Where’s Your Hope? Philippians 1

What we call the “book of Philippians” is a letter that the apostle Paul wrote to the churches in Philippi, a city in ancient Macedonia (modern-day northern Greece) while he was in prison for preaching the gospel. These churches had partnered with Paul and supported him throughout his ministry. They sent Epaphroditus to take careContinue reading “Where’s Your Hope? Philippians 1”