Books in the Hopper for 2017

Hello friends, This is the first year an a long time that professors won’t be dictating my reading. Therefore, I’ve put together a reading list that I hope isn’t too audacious for me. I have no clue if I will get to all of these. Pray for me. Theology: 1. Christ and Culture Revisited- D. A.Continue reading “Books in the Hopper for 2017”

What is Baptism?

The following post is written to help facilitate a discussion with baptism candidates of Lake Wylie Baptist church. It is by no means an exhaustive document on baptism. Ordained by Jesus: The final chapter of Matthew’s gospel records Jesus commissioning his disciples following the┬áresurrection. Read Matthew 28:16-20 16┬áNow the eleven disciples went to Galilee, toContinue reading “What is Baptism?”

Another Favorite Christmas Poem

T.S. Eliot was awarded the 1948 Nobel Prize for Literature and remains one of the most beloved poets of the 20th century. Below is his poem “The Journey of the Magi.” I pray it evokes the same wonder at the birth of Christ in you that it does in me. A cold coming we hadContinue reading “Another Favorite Christmas Poem”

Handwriting Gift Ideas

This time of year most of the people who know I love fountain pens and handwriting (see the pictures below) are asking me loads of questions about gift ideas. Having been in the fountain pen and stationery world for over three years I forget how intimidating it can be to select a pen, ink, orContinue reading “Handwriting Gift Ideas”

Sermon Manuscript: Luke 2.1-7

This past Sunday we look at Luke 2:1-7. Luke shows us that the birth of Christ is a historical event. He links the birth of our Lord to historical facts. Christ’s birth was also a prophetic event. Luke highlights Bethlehem as the city of David pointing us back to Micah 5 and 2 Samuel 7.Continue reading “Sermon Manuscript: Luke 2.1-7”