Why Christians Can Enjoy Non “Christian” Music: Common Grace


I love following the ministry of Ray Ortlund. I listen to just about every sermon he preaches from his pulpit at Immanuel Nashville. He recently posted a few thoughts I’d love every church member to hear on God, music, and the gospel. Ray, like me, believes that God gifts all humans with abilities that we, as Christians, can glorify God for and enjoy. Here’s a sample of what he shares:

“The glory and honor of human cultures — the music, the clothing, the literature, the dance, the languages, the customs, the humor, the traditions, and so forth — it will be cleansed and brought in forever.  So Eric Clapton’s blues guitar, for example, is a preview of coming attractions.  The blues will be brought into heaven.  But there it will be even better, and fully devoted to God.  It will finally be perfect.”

For the rest of Ray’s thoughts check out his short article on The Gospel Coalition website. I’d love to hear which artists speak to your soul and cause you to marvel at human giftedness.

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